A raison d’être – why this blog exists

Mid-Life – a time for many of us that can lead to questioning our purpose in life. We may not have a full blown mid-life crisis but the little doubts and worries creep in, leading to those nagging, anxious thoughts that hinder our general outlook on life.

Many of us feel, on one level, like we are still 21. We are increasingly aware of the reality of the physical changes occurring once we are past our ‘prime’, be eyesight diminishing, hairline receding, joints creaking, waistline expanding or any of the multiple other possibilities.

Yet, perhaps, we are less aware of the psychological changes and issues that also besiege us. As we age our experiences and knowledge expand, our successes and knock-backs influence what we believe about ourselves. Modernity assails us with new stressors in life, we have children staying at home longer because of the difficulties in them getting on the housing ladder and mid-life could see us both carers for grandchildren and parents. In the workplace we could find ourselves under pressure from young high flyers or simply with job uncertainty in the current, seemingly ever fluctuating economy.

While the traditional image of a mid-life crisis – men trying to regain their lost youth – is, perhaps, an exaggerated example, the fact is, mid-life is a time of personal challenge. A time when anxiety, stress and depression can be caused as we attempt to re-evaluate our lives and where we want to go from now on.

This blog, I hope, will give you a guide to help you through these struggles. With tips to how we can grow into a new phase of life.

This blog serves both altruistic and self-serving purposes.

It is altruistic in that it selflessly gives ideas, advice, and tips on developing and growing through mid-life issues.

Self-serving in that it acts, for me, as one of the ways in which I can grow and move forward in my own life.

Back in the year 1999, when I was in my late 30’s I began studying Social Sciences with the Open University. A decade later I achieved my Master’s degree in the same subject and, since then, I have continued to study human and social behaviour in one way or another.

Yet what was the point of all of this study, it occurred to me, unless I found a way to pass on the learning in a way that would benefit others? Having had my own crisis of identity caused by redundancy and difficulty in getting employment I have been toying with the idea of how I can help others get through some of these issues and show how we can change in a way that not only makes us feel better but, as a result, improves the lives of those we love and, hopefully the wider community.

That then is the reason for the existence of this blog, I hope you find the future posts of use and helpful in your path in life right now.